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Traditional Sichuan Chinese Cusine

Royal Sichuan is the only restaurant in Richardson that specializes in serving authentic Sichuan, also known as “Szechuan”, cuisine. We have proudly served the best Sichuan cuisine from our Chinatown location for over two and a half years. All of our chefs have many years of experience in preparing the finest Sichuan cuisine and we at Royal Sichuan are dedicated to offering you the finest and most savory Sichuan Chinese food.

Sichuan cuisine is legendary in China and enjoys a worldwide reputation for its sophistication and diversity with over 5,000 different dishes! Sichuan, located in central China, is a very fertile land also known as the “Province of Abundance”. With mountains to the west and the fertile Sichuan Basin to the east, Sichuan has a humid climate owing to the unique geography of China. This climate has allowed Sichuan to produce the finest agricultural and industrial goods, including the richest bamboo. The primary food of the lovely giant pandas that live in the mountains of central-western and south-western China.

Many people tend to think of Sichuan food as a hot or spicy food often associated with red peppers. However, Sichuan cuisine also features the “Huajiao” or flower pepper. Huajiao is a special Chinese pepper from the prickly ash trees that creates a sudden numbing effect on the tongue. One may wonder why peppers are so popular in Sichuan cuisine. The truth is that the balance of hot and spicy foods, as well as ingredients used in the preparation, are believed to promote health and wellbeing in traditional Chinese medicine. Sichuan cuisine carefully balances the flavor, color, smell, shape and nutritional value to provide a meal that is not only good to eat but good for your health as well.

With our famous chefs, Royal Sichuan is able to produce more than 200 different dishes to serve your needs for any occasion. No matter if you love fish, meats, or vegetarian dishes, Royal Sichuan can absolutely satisfy your appetite. Our mission is to exceed all your expectations. Come visit us at Royal Sichuan! You will be glad you did!

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